Lighting the Steps for Children's
Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

Stewart Glass Creations, Inc. has been a leader in manufacturing unique gifts, such as the glass cactus, that are found in gift stores as well as thousands of homes and businesses throughout the world. This is why we are excited to announce our new candle holder and fundraising program named the "Wish Light for Kids". Our spiral, stair stepped design was created to represent the stair steps of a child's life, while the candle holders symbolize the major milestones during their lifetime.

The vision
of our fundraising program began shortly after the birth of our son, Cole. After he was born, we were told he has a rare chromosome deletion which is often linked to a terminal medical condition. Through a miraculous endeavor, we immediately learned that Cole doesn't have a terminal illness, but still shares its characteristics. During numerous visits to hospitals, doctors, surgeons, specialists and therapists, we met many children who could benefit from programs such as ours. "Wish Light for Kids" was passionately created with one thing in mind; to bring smiles to kids who need it most. Children's smiles, that we help create, are what families need most. This often helps parents get through the difficult journey, which is experienced, when you have a child with medical problems or a life threatening illness.

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This is why we encourage you to purchase "Wish Light for Kids" candleholders. It makes the perfect gift, not only for yourself but for all gift giving occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and other special events. The price includes free shipping and an extra set of candles.

On behalf of our family and the families that you will benefit, we sincerely thank you for purchasing our "Wish Light for Kids" candleholder and supporting our "Wish Light for Kids program.

Craig and Tracy Stewart
Stewart Glass Creations, Inc.

With your purchase, you will not only appreciate it as a beautiful centerpiece or accent to your home, but we give 100% of our manufacturing profits for each sale of this unique candle holder to the Starlight Children's Foundation. The foundation is an international nonprofit
organization dedicated to
brightening the lives of
seriously ill
children and their families.
The foundation works
with over 650
hospitals worldwide
and touches the
lives of over
85,000 children
each month.
(For more information on
Starlight Children's Foundation,
visit their website at

Keep it in your hearts:
Some gifts really do give twice,
and then some!

Many thanks to the businesses and individuals who have helped make our "Wish Light for Kids" program a reality
Click to visit those who have helped our program become a success.

Craig A Stewart
Stewart Glass Creations, Inc.

Tracy Stewart
Executive Vice President
Stewart Glass Creations, Inc

1-877-600-wish (9474)

P.O. Box 1865
Gilbert, Arizona 85299-1865
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